Online loans have become fashionable. In a society where we can get virtually everything, online financial products have not wanted to be left behind. The days in which to get a loan we had to arrange several appointments and wait to be treated have been over. Now with the rise of online loans, we can request our credit from the comfort of our home, even through mobile, and have an immediate response to our request without paperwork or endless waiting.

How much money can I request with an online loan?

When we talk about online credits the first thing that comes to mind is the mini credits, which were the pioneers in allowing the application through the internet; but there is a great variety of loans online. 

To access the Signature Loans No Credit checks, Advances When You Sign Online we simply have to fill out a form from the web page of the lender we have chosen and send the documents they ask for. When dealing with these loans, the time between application and acceptance is minimal, which translates into money in our account in minutes.

Mini online credits

The mini loans are characterized by granting small amounts of money, up to € 800, to return within a maximum period of one month, although there are some mini credits that grant extensions. As a rule, they are used for contingencies and unexpected expenses that we can not face in that month.

Personal loans online

“Traditional” personal loans offer a higher funding than the mini-credits. We can get up to € 15,000 for the purpose we want and the repayment terms are longer than a mini credit. This type of online loans is used to finance the purchase of a car, a home renovation, a master’s degree or even a vacation. One of the most distinguished leaders in the market is Cofidis, which offers the Cofidis Project Credit, with the financing of up to € 15,000 from a 6.49% APR for any purpose.

Not only do private lenders offer online loans, some banks like Openbank also offer loans that we can access completely through the Internet, without having to go through the bank once. The Pre-approved Credit of Openbank offers up to € 12,000 of financing for any purpose.

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